Furniture is a big investment. Good care extends the life of your investment. Furniture is as important as the carpet in the appearance of a room. Choosing a service to clean upholstered furniture should entail hiring technicians that can demonstrate expertise in cleaning furniture. Your upholstery will have a longer life if it is cleaned on a regular basis. Most pieces of furniture can be cleaned. That includes dining and living room chairs, love seats, couches and sofa cleaning.

General Cleaning Procedure

An on-site analysis will be done to determine the appropriate technique to use. Your furniture’s fabric will be tested to determine the most effective and safest method. Specific fabric determines which cleaning method will be used. Care is taken to ensure equipment does no damage to the walls. The entire upholstery is pre-treated with the necessary cleaning solutions. Embedded dirt is loosened. A rinsing agent is used to flush away soil. The rinse is specially formulated and helps to remove deep-down dirt and cleaning solution residue. Whenever possible, hot water extraction is the most powerful cleaning method. Typically, your furniture will dry in approximately six to twelve hours.

The dust, dirt and other pollutants that are collected in the crevices and cracks will be gone. We also can help to remove pet odors that may be present and treat stubborn stains. The deodorizer neutralizes and eliminates odors at their source. When cleaning is finished, a clean, fresh scent prevails. The furniture will look great for years and you can continue to dazzle your family and guests.

What makes us different?

  • We can clean upholstery and sofas at your own location and wow you with the process
  • We ensure high standards of cleanliness and service
  • We can handle leather or fabric and restore them to their original state with our hi-tech machines and cleaning agents
  • We provide free estimates and work to your satisfaction
  • We can expedite your cleaning and provide same day service in most cases. If you have an important requirement, please ask our technical staff for further assistance. Book now or speak to us.

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