Drapery And Curtain Cleaning

How often do you get your curtain Cleaning? Dirty draperies and curtains mar the appearance of an otherwise beautiful room. Plus, as time passes, dust and grime collects in them, which not only makes them look dirty but also endangers your health and exposes you to risks. The indoor air quality value of your home or office lowers as the air becomes contaminated with germs and other harmful organisms.

If you regularly clean your draperies, you will not only be maintaining your room’s beauty, but also keeping yourself safe. Moreover, regular drapery and curtain cleaning maintains the quality, increasing the lifetime. It is also highly important

The difference between Draperies and Curtains

Before we begin, we will like to highlight the differences between draperies and curtains. Many people regard them to be the same thing, but that is not so. Curtains are unlined and made from a lightweight fabric. On the other hand, draperies are made of a heavier fabric, and are lined and extend right to the floor.

The Cleaning Process

The techniques must be based on high standards for effective drapery and curtain cleaning. This we achieve by basing our methods on advanced technology and using high quality cleaning agents. The results are noticeable and prolong the life of your draperies. Here are the main steps which we follow.


Our first step is to conduct a thorough inspection of your carpet and drapery. We examine it thoroughly and take note of all stains and frays. Accordingly, we determine a suitable drapery and curtain cleaning method.


We vacuum your drapes to remove all the dust and debris particles. After that, they are treated with a filter machine for more effective results.


In this phase, we treat the stains and dissolve them through the use of various cleaning agents.


Our washing phase varies widely on the material of your curtains and draperies. In some cases, we wash the draperies with detergent and water. In other cases, we go with dry cleaning, particularly if your draperies are made up of natural fibers.


If you require, we can post-treat your draperies with certain methods. For instance, we can apply an anti-bacterial solution which will kill all the germs present. We can also apply a stain protectant, which will resist the formation of stains. Other than this, you can also get your draperies deodorized if you want them to give off a nice fragrance.

What you can do?

While we play our part in keeping your draperies clean, you should also play your part. Here is what you can do to ensure that your draperies remain clean.

  • Sunlight damages fabric and causes the color to fade away, particularly if it is of a darker shade. Use window treatments, shades or blinds to protect your draperies from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • Shake your draperies every night to prevent dust particles from lodging in the fibers.
  • Vacuum your draperies on a monthly basis.

What makes us different?

  • We can clean curtains and drapes at your own location and wow you with the process
  • We ensure high standards of cleanliness and service
  • We can handle leather or fabric and restore them to their original state with our hi-tech machines and cleaning agents
  • We provide free estimates and work to your satisfaction
  • We can expedite your cleaning and provide same day service in most cases. If you have an important requirement, please ask our technical staff for further assistance. Book now or speak to us.

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