Carpet Cleaning

The professional carpet cleaning in Dubai residents rely on is done from the comfort of their homes in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or anywhere in the UAE. Our carpet cleaning experts are trained to tackle all types of carpet, regardless of fabric, stitch or delicacy. Our professional carpet cleaning services offer dry or wet cleaning methods, each with specific benefits based on requirements and purpose. Removes different types of stains, such as food, drinks, animals, stains, etc. Rugs are beautiful additions to any home. However, they can be difficult to clean so don't worry as we offer full carpet cleaning services in Dubai. We will take care of those stains, mud and dirt for you. Each carpet will be handled with care and cleaned only with harmless materials. We also offer suction service. If you want us to clean the carpet at your home or we can pick up and deliver your carpet at your convenience.
Our cleaning technicians have been trained to handle the following:

Cleaning and washing of the sofa
Carpet cleaning and washing
Deep cleaning and disinfection of mattresses
Steam cleaning
Dry wash
Foam cleaning
Cleaning curtains and blinds
Cleaning of carpets and office chairs
Cleaning leather sofas
Cleaning the carpet